The Background

Although the word nanotechnology is familiar to many high-school students, the subject is not taught widely in European schools. Shortly, the countries that can control nanotechnology will control industry too. 

There is a potential for future development of European students by engaging them with nanotechnology at an early school level. 

NANOWARE aims to increase awareness of nanotechnology among European science teachers.

The Idea

This goal will be accomplished through 3 main results: 
1. An Educational Pack with a training curriculum, glossary and a guide for educators hosted in a Learning Motivation Environment 
2. Gamified education through the use of custom-made Minecraft worlds related to nanotechnology 
3. A dedicated space to power a community of adopters and provide a feedback loop mechanism to retain an open channel between interested parties and users. 

The Target Group

Professionals (teachers) working with children 11-17 years old, 
Children 11 to 17 years old Children's associations and organisations 
Policy makers and educational stakeholders on subjects covered by school curricula. 
Commercial organisations producing serious games and multimedia curricula for educational purposes. 
Universities with pedagogical departments

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